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Improving Manufacturing Efficiency and Compliance with Toon Lambrechts

Toon Lambrechts June 20, 2023 137

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Unlocking the potential of advanced cell and gene therapies while democratizing their access is a mission that drives Toon Lambrechts, the Co-Founder of MyCellHub. In this episode of the QualiTalks Podcast, we delve into the captivating world of pharmaceuticals and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to explore Toon’s journey and the revolutionary impact of his innovative SaaS solution.

Welcome to a new episode of the QualiTalks Podcast, where we take you on a journey into the mesmerizing sphere of pharmaceuticals and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Today, we are delighted to have an insightful conversation with Toon Lambrechts, Co-Founder of MyCellHub.

The Biotech Nerd

Toon Lambrechts is self-described as a biotech nerd. After completing his bioengineering degree from the University of Leuven in Belgium, he dived deep into researching large-scale manufacturing processes for cell therapy during his PhD. And it was through this exploration that he realized his passion – to be at the forefront of the biotech revolution.

Toon shares a fascinating insight into humanity’s capability today. He ponders how humankind can direct its evolution after billions of years of randomness, thanks to barely 100 years of research. For him, it’s awe-inspiring and part of his drive to democratise advanced cell and gene therapies.

Democratizing Access to Advanced Therapies

“One person’s ‘hype word’ could be another’s mission,” and for Toon Lambrechts, that word is “democratization.” He adamantly believes that advanced cell and gene therapies have massive potential to treat diseases previously deemed untreatable. And while these therapies currently come at steep prices, making them inaccessible for many patients, Toon hopes that these life-changing treatments will become more affordable through streamlining manufacturing processes with tools like MyCellHub, effectively democratizing their access.

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Journey Towards MyCellHub

While working on a project during his PhD research, Toon noticed vast amounts of data being generated but not optimally managed due to reliance on traditional paper-based methods. Then, he decided to develop a platform capable of managing this vast amount of data efficiently. This platform eventually gave birth to MyCellHub – an innovative SaaS solution designed specifically for biomanufacturing.

MyCellHub eliminates paper dependency in cleanrooms by recording every step digitally during manufacturing. Not just electronic batch recording, it also includes inventory management tools and modules aimed at ensuring cleanroom compliance.

Challenges Along the Way

The resistance towards change is always one major challenge technology projects face in general in many industries, including pharma. Some concerns stem from worries about technical downtime, while others originate from quality assurance or even fears about having data stored remotely on cloud servers. However, as digital systems present an array of benefits such as time-saving, preventing errors in data collection, maintaining operational compliance effortlessly etc., there’s hope that the pharma sector too, will gradually shift towards full-scale digitalization.

Looking Ahead

As we move forward into an increasingly digitized future, interoperability among different platforms becomes crucial within industries such as the pharma industry. Both hardware and software need seamless integration possibilities without compromising GMP compliance requirements so that fully automated processes can be achieved – benefiting everyone involved.

In conclusion, our chat with Toon Lambrechts has given us some invaluable insights into the pharma industry’s challenges regarding data management practices in GMP environments and potential solutions provided by digital transformation initiatives like MyCellHub.



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Toon Lambrechts

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