What Are Cloud Services and How to Validate Them

Borislav Milev November 23, 2020 132

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Do you know what cloud computing is and how to validate it for pharma use? You will by the end of this episode. 

More and more software become cloud-based, and pharma is not any different. Cloud computing holds in itself immense benefits but introduces new challenges in data integrity and validation.  

Borislav Milev is a CSV expert specializing in cloud computing. In this episode, Borislav will make everything about cloud computing much clearer. 

Here are some of the things you will learn about, listening to, or watching this episode:

  • What Are Cloud Services
  • How to Validate Cloud Them
  • How to Work Agile in Pharma on CSV
  • How to Choose the Right Cloud Service Provider
  • What to Negotiate With Cloud Service Providers?

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Borislav Milev

Borislav Milev is an Experienced IT CSV Expert with a demonstrated history of working in the pharmaceutical industry and GMP area.

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