How to Prepare Well for Regulatory Audits

Paul Palmer September 21, 2020 439

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Quality indeed means doing it right when no one is looking. However, preparing well for a regulatory audit is a vital task. A good preparation may turn the tides around and save you from critical findings.

In this episode, Yan Kugel has interviewed Paul Palmer on how to prepare correctly for a regulatory GMP audit. Paul has been in the Pharmaceutical industry since 1986. He is a QP, a consultant, and a business advisor.

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Here are some of the things, that you will learn about in the podcast:


💡 The Benefits of Preparing Well for an Audit


💡 Who Is Fit to Speak During an Audit?


💡 Tips on How to Use Gap Analysis for an Audit Preparation


💡 The Roles of the Audit Support Squad


💡 How to Prepare Your Warehouses for an Inspection


💡 Why Even the Finance Department Should Know GMP


💡 How to Choose and Prepare Subject Matter Experts When You Are Audited













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Paul Palmer

Paul has been in the Pharmaceutical industry since 1986. He is a pharmaceutical consultant and business advisor. Paul uses this experience to support his clients in meeting the regulatory requirements for existing products and bringing new products to the market.

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